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Our Vision

Friends of the Montecito Library aspire to provide our library with comprehensive and innovative programming, up to date resources and responsive assistance where residents of all ages can learn, share, create and thrive.

Checkout counter and happy patrons at Montecito Library
“The Montecito Library, which I first visited in 1993, took my breath away with its charm and the openness of its librarians. Our Library is unique, the exemplar of what a small-town library should be.”Author T.C. Boyle, Honorary Board Member

Our Mission

The Friends of the Montecito Library is a charitable nonprofit 501 (c)(3) community organization founded in 1975 to support the Montecito Library. Our goal is to raise funds to support the Library to be open six days a week from 10 am to 5:30 pm. In 2011, the Friends had 237 donors and served over 4,000 patrons. The library loaned over 115,000 items.

Our Preservation Plan

  • Short-Term Operating Funds

    The Friends plan to increase annual revenues, through a broadening of our base of donors and an increase in the amount of the average gift to meet annual operating expenses.

  • Long-Term Endowment

    The Friends have initiated a capital campaign to replenish, grow and invest our reserves to the point that they become an endowment of sufficient size to assure the future of the library for years to come.

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Generation Goals

By fostering community awareness and creating a long-term financial strategy, the Friends of the Montecito Library will work to ensure the highest level of services for future generations.


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